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If you're looking for the best trucking software system for your trucking company, freight brokerage, logistics (3PL) department, or private truck fleet, you've stopped by the right place.

Since 1990, TruckMaster 2000 has been the premier trucking software solution for the transportation industry. While you are visiting our site, it is our aim to show you why this is true.

The TruckMaster 2000 trucking software system is available for purchase at a competitive price, or is available via secure internet connection for a low monthly fee.

If you'd like to view a printable system overview, see our trucking software system feature summary, or read on!

If you have any questions about what you see or read, or would like a free live demo, please contact TruckMaster.

The seamlessly integrated system includes:

Since the server runs on the Linux O/S, the system has stability and scalability unmatched by competing trucking software systems, as well as the inherent connectivity that literally powers the Internet. Your employees access the server via their existing Windows workstations, so there's no need to stop using other software that your business relies on.

Our award winning support department is responsive, courteous, and knowledgeable. They understand how your company operates, because that's their background - we require our support personnel to have trucking and/or logistics backgrounds.

The TruckMaster 2000 trucking software system is seamlessly integrated, eliminating double entry. Load information entered in the dispatching module flows into Billing, Settlements, and Payroll. This drastically increases process efficiency and reduces data entry errors that you will see with other trucking software systems. We've designed the trucking software system from the foundation to be easy to use, with an information flow that is logical and intuitive. You'll instinctively know what to enter where in most cases, as it just "makes sense".

Document imaging is available system-wide. Bills of lading may be attached to invoices, driver's licenses and medical cards to driver records, OS&D documents to trips, you name it. We built imaging into our trucking software system, rather than interfacing with a 3rd party solution.

We understand how crucial it is to have your trucking software system available when you need it, those trucks have to keep rolling. Linux is widely recognized to be one of the most stable operating systems available today. We have customers that regularly go over a year without rebooting their servers.

The TruckMaster 2000 system runs on PC based hardware, starting at a cost equal to that of a good Windows workstation. As your company outgrows the server's capabilities, it's easy to upgrade it to the current technology. How many companies have you talked to that are bound to their 10 year old AS/400 due to the cost of upgrading their trucking software system?

Connectivity is an important piece of any trucking software system, and TruckMaster 2000 raises the bar in this arena.

Remote offices can connect to your secure TruckMaster 2000 server from anywhere in the world just as easily as you connect to it locally. Employees can access the trucking software from home, no more trips to the office to get load information for a driver in the middle of the night.

Our trucking software system has full EDI capability, transportation brokers can tender loads to carriers, carriers can accept tenders from customers, cross border shipments can be cleared via ACE.

Web page integration allows transportation brokers to post loads that are available, accept trip statuses from carriers, customers to view trip statuses, drivers to view payroll information, and much more. Can you do this with your existing trucking software system?

We interface with all the major fuel services, mobile communications, and mileage / routing providers, and regularly add more as requested. We have integration with many freight factoring companies and banks, as well as proprietary in-house software systems. We can interface with your in-house system.

Our integration with 3rd party solution providers gives our trucking software system an automation level that is second to none. This bundled with our proprietary features such as on-time tracking (alert dispatchers and/or customers of late loads), available hours monitoring (alert dispatchers of drivers working out of service), status alerts (email dispatchers and/or customers of trip status changes), enhances the value of your 3rd party systems by serving as a central point of access for all your data needs. Additionally the TruckMaster 2000 trucking software leverages this information by providing the information where it is needed for decision support, execution, and analysis.

Over the years, you have developed special processes that set you apart from your competitors, which is why we customize the base trucking software system to meet your specific needs. Over the years we've done thousands of such customizations, from the trivial to the extravagant. Our customization rate is reasonable and our turnaround time is typically less than a week.

As a TruckMaster customer, you'll receive regular free updates to your TruckMaster 2000 trucking software product, typically with new features, reports, tax tables, and other upgrades to keep your system on the cutting edge.

TruckMaster 2000 is the last trucking software system purchase you'll ever need to make for your company. Just ask a few of our customers that have been using our trucking software for over 10 years.

Please visit our trucking software product page for detailed information on each module, then contact TruckMaster for an interactive demonstration.

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